Specializing in Consumer Products and Industrial Applications for the Medical, Automotive, Industrial and Commercial Markets


All our Engineers are well versed in the Textbook Core Principles of Mechanical Engineering


Hand Calculations and Finite Element Analysis may be used to optimize parts for stress, weight, harmonics and fatigue


Arcanis is a mechanical design and engineering consulting company specializing in machine design, analysis and mechanical engineering. Arcanis is looking to provide design and manufacturing services to companies in need of the expertise of a group of experienced engineers.  Our goal is to find clients with interesting design work and serve these clients by providing the most talented individuals with positive collaborative attitudes.  Each member of our team has the resources and drive needed to tackle a variety of design challenges and can draw on our combined years of experience and technical skills.  Each member of our team is encouraged to continuing to learn and improve their skills as part of our continuous improvement and self development philosophy.  Our Engineers have expertise in the complete design through manufacturing process and can hit the ground running on any project and in almost any environment.  

The name Arcanis comes from the root word Arcane meaning understood by few, mysterious or secret.  Arcanis was started to form a group of driven engineers that are looking for a higher level of understanding that is only understood by the few.  At its heart we have a group of designers, builders, tinkerers and engineers who are self-driven, curious and creative.  Our culture is to have a thirst for knowledge, add tools to their toolbox through self-developement, hone their craft through experience and be boldly creative.  Our engineers are eager to work with you on your next project.


All of our engineers uphold a standard of quality and thorough work expected of a professional engineering firm


Our Engineers hold both depth and breadth of knowledge from years of experience


A positive mindset and attitude is absolutely essential to our company culture and is the key to serving our clients